Friday, March 16, 2012

A glimps into fashion in history READ THIS:

The Complete History of Costume and Fashion from Ancient Egypt to Present Days
By Bronwyn Cosgrave
Table of Content:
The Ancient Egypt: The first fashion style
Crete: Minoan splendor
Ancient Greece: Classical Elegance
Ancient Rome: Roman Extravagance
The Byzantine Period: Lavish Imperialism
The Middle Ages: Medieval Europe
The Renaissance: Early Renaissance Syle
Baroque Period: The Age of French Dominance
Eighteenth Century: The Rococo
Nineteenth Century: The Birth of the Dandy
Twentieth Century: The Age of Diversity
256 p
First published in Great Britain in 2000, by Hamlyn, a division of Octopus Publishing Group Limited
My Notes:
  • There are beautiful pictures of historical sources, sometimes 2 per page, sometimes one picture covers the whole page.
  • Not to many details about costumes or ornaments, just basic information and description, enough for a non professional reader.
  • As a plus, the book offers a short overview of the historical period covered in every chapter as well as an overview of the status of women. 
  • It is very funny to stroll through fashion from ancient egyptians, with their simple wrap up loin clothes, through the middle ages with it's funny poulains (the long pointy shoes), through the barroc with the sophisticated wigs and finally, arriving at our days with the emancipation of the woman body, almost a 360 degree turn, to the simplicity of the first fashion styles.