Thursday, May 19, 2011

I always wondered how did people lived 100, 1000, 10.000 years ago. What did they eat? Where did they sleep? What did they think? What made them happy or sad, what made them laugh or cry? Did they love their mates or there were other emotions involved? How did they discovered simple things like using spices and herbs for cooking? Or counting, writing and painting? How was life without TV, computers, cars and airplanes. Or without refrigerators and stoves or washers and dryers? How was life before the bulb?

The older generations of our time may remember some ancient things like the telegraph or the big bulky radio. Or they may even know how to store food for winter. Some may know to make their own shoes or sew their own clothes. Other may know plants that sooth wounds or cure a stomach ache. But most of us are totally helpless without the use of modern technology. We are highly addicted on others for everything we own or need, from food and clothing to entertainment and health.  We forgot how to accomplish the basic tasks of survival.

In this blog I will try to answer some of my own questions as well as others. I will try to bring light to the life of ordinary people of the past. I may, occasionally, find some extraordinary people that lived a common life. I may find some extraordinary events that have influenced the ordinary life.

Aside from my own curiosity, I was inspired by the historians of L'Ecole Des Annales and their great books.